January 2020 Marketing Cloud Highlights – Instagram Mobile Story Publishing

The January 2020 Marketing Cloud and Social Studio release occurs on January 25, 2020.

Instagram Mobile Story Publishing – As from January 2020, you we can create Instagram stories in Marketing Cloud Social Studio and then assign the post to a mobile user to publish it. The mobile user receives a Social Studio Mobile notification and can post right from Instagram. Instagram Stories is a great way to quickly send an update and acquire new audiences. With Social Studio you can now create and schedule Instagram Stories, run through approval process and push them through Mobile Push when it’s time to go live.

You can attach photos and videos to the post. Once you are inside the Social Studio publish module, create a new post choosing “Instagram Business” as the account type. You will get two different options, to create a traditional post or a story, that will be send to Mobile Push. When the scheduled times arrives, you will receive a push notification from Social Studio, which will then allow to publish the story.
If you don’t have a business account, use the Instagram (Mobile Push) option to start a post in Social Studio. You can use either option to publish instantly to Instagram or later. With the Instagram (Mobile Push) option, you can create an Instagram post or story. You can publish a post to one non-business Instagram account only. Use Social Studio Mobile to publish the content to Instagram.

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