Why salesforce is the only CRM companies should be using

Have you ever wondered why some customers are so attached to a product and would do anything to defend the service of the product? The customers of a company are the lead dictators of how well the company would grow, the more the customers are dedicated to the service of the company, the better for the company. Customers are the glue holding a business together and keeping it from falling apart. As far as the customers of a company are invested to the company, that is a huge determining factor of the success of that company.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) are the tools, strategies, techniques, and technology used by business owners to improve, acquire, and retain their customers. The businesses analyses their interaction with customers and how to improve their relationship with customers. The CRM system has several examples of how different businesses incorporate them and some of them are sales, marketing, customer service, and support.

Salesforce is one of the top Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software available, it gained its popularity over the years and it has been the number one in the heart of company owners. Salesforce is embedded with a lot of features that makes using it itch free and smooth; it contains features such as task management, collaboration tools, contact management, customer engagement tools, intuitive mobile ready dashboard, and workflow creation.

Products and services offered by salesforce

It is evident why a company needs a Customer relationship management (CRM) software, every company needs to improve their relationship with their customers, you want every of your customers to sell you to the public. You want to make them an optional marketing strategy. Salesforce offers some products and services which makes it unique and better than a lot od other CRMs. Some of the product and services you’ll enjoy when using salesforce are listed below.

  • Salesforce App cloud: This is a group of development tools that makes it quick and easy for developers to create applications that will appear on the salesforce platform. The App cloud makes it comfortable to create custom applications that would run on the salesforce CRM platform. Developers get the opportunity to build enterprise applications with non-complex code. There are several tools available on the Salesforce CRM tools and some of them are sandbox, Heroku shield, and the lightning design system.
  • Salesforce IoT Cloud: This is a platform designed on the Salesforce.com to help in storing and processing Internet of Things (IoT) data. Business users get the opportunity to access a comprehensive and integrated perspective about the customers with little or no prior technical expertise or assistance from a data analyst. IoT is the process of connecting devices to the internet.
  • Salesforce Analytics Cloud: This is an optimized business intelligence platform on Salesforce.com for data visualization and mobile access. Users get the opportunity to work on large data files and interprets them as charts, graphical and pictorial representations. The analytics tool makes it easy to access data from other sources and this in turn makes it easier to take decisions.
  • Salesforce Sales Cloud: This part of the Customer relationship management (CRM) platform makes it easier for marketing, sales, and customer support. This customer support is in both the business to business and the business to customers aspect. This part of salesforce is made basically for the sales team and its helps them in the organization management, improved time for closing deals, and a swift pace in making decisions.
  • Salesforce marketing cloud: This part of the CRM platform assists marketers to create, improve, and manage marketing relationship with the customers. This marketing cloud is the best when it comes increasing engagement with customers. The users gets a top view of the customers and how best to approach them.
  • Salesforce Service cloud: This platform was created for the support team and customer service use. You get to provide adequate support and service to the customers. The multi-channel support that this platform provides is an added advantage, customers get to access them through email, phone, web chat and social media.

Reasons why Salesforce is the CRM you should be using.

There are several Customer relationship management (CRM) that can help to improve the growth of your busines and picking the right one can do a whole lot for your business. The salesforce platform offers one of the best customer relationship management with a less complex interface. This system is very flexible that it can fit various needs from different businesses. Some of the reasons why Salesforce is the CRM your company should be using are explained below.

  • Easier and faster tracking of customer data: The centralized method of storing data in Salesforce has made accessing and tracking of data relatively easier. It makes it easier to know so much to the extent that you can easily deliver credible amount data at the right time. You get to see the active and inactive customers making it easier for you to reach out to customers.
  • Efficient reporting: Once you have the necessary data available, getting any information becomes so easy, all you need is just organization of the data. Once you’re done organizing you can easily make a report of any activity on the data. There are built in tools to assist in generating needed reports like average sales report, total sales report, and status report. It becomes easier to get a full picture of the revenue made and how best to improve.
  • Easy automation: Repetitive tasks in Salesforce CRM can be automated, you get to save time, reduce stress, reduce workload, increases efficiency, and reduce the amount of possible errors. You get to automate tasks like call loggings, appointment schedules, voicemails, emails and so on.
  • Creates improved communication: communication between the team is improved as a result of easy access to data, there is a very short response time from each team members. The team members give swift and accurate responses to question since they can quickly and easily access the data. It is easier to notice aspects that needs improvement like identifying opportunities and following up on sale activities. All these will help to improve the relationship with customers and increase their productivity.
  • Improves customer service: All activities of those listed above points at providing a more easier route for the customers. The team solves all the customer problem without wasting any time.

It is incredibly obvious that Salesforce CRM is one of the leading CRM products in the CRM industry, be it in terms of available products and services or affordability. Salesforce is capable of tending to the needs of small, medium and big business owners irrespective of how their business is being ran. The Salesforce software has received a lot of excellent reviews from existing users. Don’t waste any more time if you have a company, incorporate this great software today.

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